Dedicated to land surveying and civil infrastructures monitoring, the Geocube System allows real time slow or sudden small moves measurements, over a square kilometer area.
Sensors are robust, small, low consumption and cost-effective devices working 24/7/365.


Complete system of millimetric precision position sensor network

Schéma système geocube

 GeoKylia system measures accurate positions of a set of sensors localized in a square kilometer range. It consists in a network of detectors [Geocubes], coordinated by a central computer [Coordinator]. Detectors are precisely positioned in respect with each other. Acquisition is quasi continuous and enables real time monitoring. The network accuracy can reach the standard deviation of 1 mm.
The system has been developed by IGN and ruggerized and commercialized by KYLIA under the brand name GeoKylia. It is based on GPS signal processing. It is intended to be left on the field for long-time monitoring.

Geokylia products can be used in many projects and provides a real improvement in monitoring issues.