We adapt to our customers’ needs and provide the following customizations

  • we can adapt telecom products usually working at 1550nm to other wavelengths (780nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1310nm, 2000nm…). For instance, we already delivered 90° hybrids working at 1064nm dedicated to the space industry.
  • we can provide any type of connectors (FC, SC, LC, E2000…), even MTP connectors.
  • we can design specific packaging in order to offer OEM products ready to be integrated into customers systems.
  • we can optimize some specifications according to customers applications.
  • we can add optical functionalities as tapvariable optical attenuator
  • we can offer elementary optical functionalities used in our product, as single devices, for instance a full range of PM products (PBS, PM couplers and splitters…).
  • we can offer fiber coupling elements as custom collimators or collimators arrays.

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