Optical Assembly

Starting from customer’s specifications (simple drawing or detailed specifications), we develop industrial optical products dedicated to be used as OEM’s subsystems.

Kylia’s main expertise is ultra-precise assembly of optical elements on glass breadboards, using 6D positioning. Thanks to its know how in assembly epoxies, Kylia can provide stable and robust devices, made to be used in extreme environment.

We can lead or be part in all the product development steps:

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  • packaging definition and conception (SOLIDWORKS®)
  • optical design (ZEMAX®)
  • optical conception :
  • phase conservation
  • passively athermal design
  • optical path balancing

Prototype assembly

  • selection of sub components suppliers and subcontractors
  • prototype manufacturing using Kylia’s assembly technology

Product manufacturing

  • selection of subcomponents suppliers and subcontractors
  • process definition
  • manufacturing capabilities up to 3 000 units per year

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