MICS product line offers the most complete range of DWDM Mux/Demux (6,25GHz to 400GHz spacing).

TMICS is a spacing and frequency DWDM Mux/Demux.

Thanks to its flexible bulk grating technology, KYLIA offers the most complete DWDM mux/demux product range.

  • Up to 48 channels
  • Any spacing from 6.25 Ghz till 400 Ghz
  • S+C+L+U band (1460nm to 1675nm) or around 1310nm
  • Flat top shape or specific shape option
  • PM option

Since 1998, KYLIA MICS product is deployed on the field by system vendors, for metro, long haul and submarine networks.

KYLIA developed a benchtop tunable MUX/DEMUX. By tuning the spacing and the optical frequency, the user has access to complete grid modularity.

  • MICS is qualified to TELCORDIA 1209 and TELCORDIA 1221.
  • KYLIA also offers MUX/DEMUX based on TFF in mini-size packages.

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