MINT is a Mach-Zender Delay Line Interferometer (DLI). WTMINT is a FSR-tunable DLI available with delay ranges from 100ps till 9ns.


The Micro Interferometer (MINT) is a Delay Line Interferometer (DLI) that performs the interference between an incoming signal and itself delayed by one bit-time. Dedicated to DPSK demodulation it can be used in many other applications.

MINT is tunable to enable a precise matching of the carrier frequency. KYLIA can provide DLI with any FSR value, according to customer requirement (any FSR > 0.4GHz).


The WT-MINT is a Widely Tunable MINT that enables to set the delay of the interferometer to the required value. This can be done either with a micrometer head (manual option) or with a motorized translation stage (piloted version). The WTMINT is available in a 12ns delay range version (any FSR > 83MHz).

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